New and Improved AIMS Logo

In a vote taken in November 2018, the Association of International Medical Students decided to adopt a new face for their organization. The need for a new logo arose after AIMS came to the realization that their existing logo didn't meet the requirements set out by most manufacturers for the production of merchandise. Therefore, a logo design competition was opened to all international students giving them the opportunity to create the new face of AIMS. Out of the 3 designs submitted, the submission by Nikolaus Prinz was selected by a majority of our students in an open poll. We would like to thank everyone who dedicated their valuable time coming up with design ideas which will be the new face of AIMS, an organization by the students, for the students.

Keveen de Silva, on behalf of AIMS

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Vydáno: 4. 2. 2019 / Odpovědná osoba: Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.