Challenging Stereotypes in the Workplace

On Thursday 10 May, AIMS invited MUDr. Marta Horáková as a guest speaker as part of their ongoing project Role Models in Medicine...

Women in Surgery

On Thursday 10 May, members of the AIMS Academic Events Team invited MUDr. Marta Horáková as a guest speaker as part of their ongoing project, Role Models in Medicine. A few years ago, the social media campaign #ILookLikeASurgeon went viral and received an immediate response from the surgical community globally. The campaign is about challenging stereotypes, celebrating differences, and achieving equality in the workplace. Dr. Horáková embodies the objectives of this campaign!

During the lecture, Dr. Horáková talked us through key moments in her life that shaped her to become the woman that she is today. She was born to a Czech mother and a Palestinian father, she was raised in Abu Dhabi, and eventually went on to study at the Second Faculty of Medicine. After her graduation, she talked us through the things that guided her in choosing her speciality. She is now a double-board certified Chief of Surgery at Písek Hospital. Dr. Horáková explained to our students what it means to balance having children as well as working as a woman in the field of surgery. And lastly she spoke about her recent travels around the world. She is an inspirational woman and it was our great pleasure to have Dr. Horaková as our guest speaker!

AIMS Academic Events Team

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