What Brings You to Motol?

Many exchange students visit the Second Faculty and Motol University Hospital every year under the IFMSA, Erasmus and other schemes. We appreciate they chose just this faculty and asked some of them what they like about the place and Prague and what they would recommend to other incoming students.

Will We Be Going to Herget’s Auditorium?

30. 8. 2023

The Plzeňská campus is already in full use. Among other things, it houses the largest auditorium of the Second Faculty of Medicine. That is also one of the reasons why Prof. Václav Hampl from the Department of Physiology suggests that the auditorium should bear the name of the former vice-dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine and the person thanks to whom the faculty has its premises at Plzeňská Street in the first place, prof. Jan Herget.