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Freshmen’s Medical Check-up

As a first-year student at the Second Faculty of Medicine, you are required to undergo a compulsory medical check-up and you must be certified as being free from contagious and infectious diseases.

The freshmen's examination comprises:

  • General examination
  • Immunisation against Hepatitis B    

Download Confirmation of Vaccination, form (first-year students only). Please print out the form and bring it along on the day of your medical examination/or before the blood taking.

Medical report can be carried out either by a registered GP in your country before your departure or by the GPs for international students at Motol University Hospital.

GPs for International Students at Motol University Hospital

If you need a medical check-up, please call in advance to make an appointment. First, please go to the Foreign Department (Cizinecké oddělení) of Motol University Hospital, where they will register you. Note that check-up is a paid service. The cost of the medical check-up in the first year differs for males and females, as females undergo the Rubella antibody test; the difference is about 600 CZK.

GPs will also assist you in the case of any illness or health problem. If your problem is urgent, you do not need to book an appointment but should go to the Hospital Foreign Department (Cizinecké oddělení). Please inform the clerk that you are a student of the Second Faculty of Medicine. If you need a specialist (e.g. an orthopaedist), you should first obtain a referral from your GP. If you need a dentist, contact Mrs. Petra Fabingerová at @email, who will arrange your appointment.

The payment for treatment depends on whether you are a European Health Insurance Cardholder and what your insurance company reimburses.

The GPs' offices are located in the Adults Section, Ground floor, Block D.

Please contact:

  • Jaroslava Kulhánková, MD, tel. 22443 8559
  • Ladislav Černík, MD, tel. 22443 8562
  • Eliška Orlická, MD, tel. 22443 8557
  • Lenka Vlčková, MD, tel. 22443 8560
  • Marcela Černická, MD, tel. 22443 8561

Blood taking is possible from 7.00 to 8.30 a. m. on weekdays only.

Last update: 4. 12. 2023 / Věra Hall
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