Transfer Conditions

Do You Meet Our Transfer Conditions?

Conditions for admission according to § 49, par. 3 Law no. 111/98 col. About universities, as amended

If you are already studying medicine at another faculty of medicine, the Dean can permit your admission to our faculty without you having to take another entrance exam. Our transfer conditions are quite strict and only a small number of applicants have a chance of success. Your first step should be to consider whether you meet the necessary criteria:

  • The study programme you are currently enrolled in must be identical to the Second Faculty study programme: General Medicine, with six years of study.
  • Your study plan must be very similar to our study plan, no more than three exams can be different.
  • We cannot admit students in the first or sixth years of study.
  • You have successfully completed all study requirements for the year of study in which you are currently enrolled.
  • During the first three years of their study, our international students learn Czech in order to be able to communicate with patients and medical staff. They take one Czech language exam in the second year and another in the third year as a prerequisite for further study. Before you apply for transfer to the fourth year or higher, you need to pass a language exam at the same proficiency level.
  • As the Second Faculty chooses only the best applicants, your grade average must be lower than 1.5, including repeated exams.

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If you think that you might meet our conditions, please fill out the standard electronic application for study (mark ‘admittance without entry exam – transfer from another faculty’), and e-mail us full justification for the request, your transcript and your language exam confirmation (we will need to see printed and verified copies of these documents on your arrival anyway), both by 28 February.

If you need further information or guidance, please contact Mrs. Stanislava Palowská at @email

Last update: 29. 3. 2023 / Stanislava Palowska