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And What Is Next? Opportunities for Young Doctors After Graduation in Czechia | Pelicast Ep. 018

And here we are. You have just finished your studies and are now looking for a job. Would you rather become a researcher or engage in clinical work? Dr Shenali Amaratunga and Dr Sarah Salih, graduates of the Second Faculty of Medicine, are discussing how to build a career in medicine. Cristina Lehto is our host.

Unveiling the Second Faculty of Medicine: A Journey Through Academics, Culture, and Community | PeliCast ep. 017

Cristina Lehto and her friends talk about their experiences at the faculty.

Destination: Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague | PeliCast ep. 014

Cristina Lehto dives into the world of international medical education at the prestigious Second Faculty of Medicine and welcomes two distinguished guests, Vice-Dean for International Students, Prof. David Kachlík, and Coordinator for International Students, Petra Fabingerová.

Season 2 Trailer | PeliCast

PeliCast is back! We are aware that there is relatively large group of international students among us and, and this year we will also focus on this topic in our podcast. Welcome the new host, Cristina Lehto But. there will also be another host... more in video.