Credit System

The organizational rules for studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine are fully compatible with the European Credit Transfer System.

The most important rules of the system are:

  1. Successful completion of each subject gives the student a certain number of credits. To advance to the next stage of studies, a student is supposed to collect 60 credits every academic year. However, he or she could also advance with a lower number of credits where the minimum number of credits stipulated is equal to or higher than
  • 38 credits for progressing to the second year
  • 101 credits for progressing to the third
  • 168 credits for progressing to the fourth
  • 230 credits for progressing to the fifth
  • 290 credits for progressing to the sixth
  • 360 credits for progressing to (each subsequent year)

A complete list of subjects and credits can be found in the study plan.

Those credits missing after such advancement must be gained during a specified stage of the study. Progress into the next stage of study based on the required minimum number of credits is not possible in consecutive years.

  1. In the case of advancement with the minimum number of credits, students can repeat a subject, which will be identified as compulsory in the relevant study plan. This repetition of a subject is possible only once, and only in consecutive stages of study.
  2. Those who fail to obtain the minimum number of credits owing to extreme circumstances (illness etc.) can apply for an individual study plan. However, this can occur only if they did not use all three exam attempts. Requests for an individual study plan in the case of a repeat attempt of a compulsory subject can be allowed twice only during the entire study programme.
  3. Enlisting for a subject is possible only if all its prerequisites are fulfilled. Prerequisites are subjects that have to be successfully completed in previous stages of studies. Information on prerequisites can be found in the details of each subject in SIS.

Details of the rules can be found in the Rules of Organisation of Studies.

Example: The failure of a first-year student to pass Anatomy and Histology and Embryology I usually results in the termination of her/his studies. However, she/he is given the chance to continue on an individual study plan. A student who failed at Histology and Embryology I only would advance to the second year with the minimum number of credits. She/he would repeat Histology and Embryology I but would not be allowed to enroll on Histology and Embryology II and Medical Biology II (as Histology and Embryology I is a prerequisite for this subject) and therefore would need an individual study plan to gain all 120 credits by the end of the second year.

Last update: 23. 8. 2023 / Věra Hall