Special Needs

Special needs (learning disorders, psychiatric problems etc.)

The Second Faculty of Medicine supports students with special needs, e.g. students with physical disabilities and sensory impairments, learning disorders, psychological and psychiatric problems. Based on a medical report and functional diagnostics (performed by Charles University), it is possible to make study and examination adjustments.

How to obtain the support during your studies

To be able to give you as much appropriate support that would meet your needs it is important for you to register as a student with special needs. The best would be to make your registration until 31 October of the given academic year of your study, but you can also register or update your registration at any time during your study. You will be registered under one of the following categories:

  • Category A – students with visual impairments
  • Category B – students with hearing impairments
  • Category C – students with physical impairments
  • Category D – students with specific learning difficulties
  • Category E – students with autistic spectrum disorder
  • Category F – students with other difficulties (such as mental health problems or chronic somatic diseases)
It is important to take the three steps below:

1. To go through so called. „functional diagnostics“. It is about one-hour-long interview with a specialist. The purpose is to identify your needs and any limitations during your study. The result of the interview is a report suggesting supportive measures. Contact here.

2. To deliver a valid document confirming your health disability. The certificate is submitted to the specialist who will be making the functional diagnostics with you.

3. To give the university the informed consent. It means you will sign the informed consent form to be registered as a student with special needs at Charles University. You will agree the data needed to obtain such status will be entered into the information system of the university (SIS). The information is only visible to the authorized university staff. The specialist making the functional diagnostics with you will also give you the form to sign. All documents needed for the registration are then filed at the Study Department of your faculty.

Contact person for the support during your studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine

+420 22443 5830

Consultant for students with special needs

+420257 296 815

All administrative staff at the Student Department can assist you if you have any questions. Feel free to contact them with confidence.

Psychological Counselling

 Vojtěch MuchaEverybody can experience a difficult phase in life, studies or relationships; for example when you first arrive at faculty and have to adjust to a new environment or when you cope with periods of study pressure and exam anxiety. Professional counseling can help you overcome these personal and emotional issues.

International students of Charles University who are interested in receiving psychological counselling in English can make an appointment through the Carolina Centrum website or at @email. This service is available to all ‘full-time’ students free of charge.

  • when: Every Monday between 12am and 3pm
  • where: Information, Counselling and Social Service Centre, Školská 13a, 110 00 Prague 1

Last update: 25. 3. 2024 / Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D.
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