Getting Your Student Visa

As the Czech Republic is a member of the EU, international students coming from EU countries do not need a visa. However, if you come from a country outside the EU and your stay is planned for more than 90 days, you are required to have a student visa.

Your visa application should be submitted to a Czech embassy at least 90 days before the planned date of your departure to the Czech Republic. If there is no Czech embassy or consulate in your country, you can use one in a neighbouring country. Please note that it is not possible to apply for a visa in the Czech Republic, only for a visa extension.

Together with a visa application you are required to submit your confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic. You can obtain this if you ask us in advance (at @email; also see the Living & Housing in Prague webpage) to arrange accommodation in the student halls of residence. As sending this confirmation by mail takes some time, the best is to arrange a  messenger services.  Just ask Ms. Věra Hall at @email for her cooperation.

Documents required by the Czech Embassies/Consulates for VISA Application:

  1. Passport (its validity needs to exceed your intended stay in the Czech Republic by at least three months).
  2. Letter of acceptance (from Charles University, Second Faculty of Medicine, Study Department).
  3. Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic (from your landlord or University dormitory) – look at the website of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.
  4. Confirmation from your bank that you have sufficient financial means on your account to support your stay in Czech Rep. (at least 120 000 CZK) – bring bank statement/credit card.
  5. Document similar to an Extract from the Penal register record - look at the website of the Czech Ministry of the Interior
  6. ‘Zadost form’, this green form can be obtained at Department for Asylum and Migration Policy or at the websites of the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  7. One passport photograph.

If your application is approved, prior to affixing the visa, you are obliged to submit a proof of travel medical insurance. Students are required to have complex health insurance which covers not only emergency hospital visits, but also other outpatient medical expences such as vaccinations, routine hospital visits, blood test and forth. You can choose the health insurance company, e.g.: Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP; General Health Insurance Company), UniquaMaxima or Slavia. The amount of the insurance benefit (the agreed insurance benefit limit for one insurance event must be at least EUR 400 000, that being without an insurance retention on the amount of the given costs).

For other useful information see the Czech website, where you can also download forms related to immigration.

For any questions or assistance with this procedure, contact Petra Fabingerová at @email.

Last update: 11. 7. 2024 / Mgr. Petra Fabingerová
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