Institutional Plan for International Student Mobility – “Free Movers”

The financial contribution from the faculty part of the Institutional Plan for the Support of International Mobility of Students of the Second Faculty of Medicine for the years 2019–2020 (hereinafter referred to as “IP”) may be used only for the realization of study stays, international scientific, research or other activities within approved projects and programs  of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (hereinafter referred to as “Second Faculty of Medicine”) or Charles University.

One of the main objectives of the IP is to support student exchange and participation of students of the Second Medical Faculty of Charles University in international study and professional events.

  1. The aim of the IP is financial support, in particular for:
  • short-term scientific or research stays abroad,
  • participation in international study or professional events of students abroad,
  • for study at a foreign university with a bilateral agreement with the Second Medical Faculty of Charles University or Charles University.
  1. The source of the IP is the funds allocated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter referred to as “MEYS”) for the development programs of public universities. Therefore, it is important to point out that financial support from the IP cannot be used for the given event in parallel with another scholarship or financial contribution in which the MEYS also participates! This eliminates, for example, the possibility of co-financing the costs associated with participating in Erasmus + programs or the already allocated Mobility Fund of Charles University.
  1. From the sources of IP it is possible to provide support for full-time students, exceptionally also for teaching staff.
  1. Since the academic year 2019/2020, the new Dean's Provision 10/2019 regulating the provision of financial support has been in force. Please read this measure carefully.
  1. IP support may be granted to cover:
  • On travel costs,
  • on accommodation and boarding costs,
  • on health insurance costs (not in the case of international treaties),
  • on costs directly related to studying abroad.
  1. The deadline for submitting an application is always 1st June of the relevant calendar year.
    Applications can be submitted for future, ongoing and already abroad stays within the given calendar year.
  1. Financial support from IP sources may be granted on the basis of a complete and in due time submitted application together with an acceptance letter and a completed declaration (as an annex).
  1. Submitted applications shall be assessed by the principal investigator's commission and shall decide on the provision of financial support.
  1. Priorities for granting IP financial support:
  • study abroad based on an international agreement on direct cooperation,
  • on study at a foreign university on the basis of a faculty agreement on direct cooperation,
  • participation in joint doctoral programs with the possibility of presenting research results,
  • free movers study.
  1. A person who has received financial support from the IP is responsible for its proper use and economical use and is obliged to submit a final report and a confirmation of the traineeship within one month from the end of the event.
  1. Administrative support is provided by the Study Department of the Faculty - namely Stanislava Palowska.


Last update: 27. 5. 2024 / Ing. Pavla Byrne