Address book

Personal contact information in the faculty web directory is automatically generated from the Charles University’s WhoIS database. All employees of the faculty and their employment relationship with the University are listed (other employment relationships are never listed). We display each employee only once, at the workplace where he has his main job (in working hours).

For Employees: Please contact the Personnel and Payroll Department to request a change to you contact details. If you need to change an email account with the domain name, please contact the Information Systems Department. If you do not have an email, file a request to set up an account via our web form.

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Name Department Phone E-mail
Mgr. Dagmar Adamíková Department of Pharmacology 257296452 Email
Mgr. Irena Adkins, Ph.D. Department of Immunology 224435961 Email
MUDr. Radka Adlová Department of Cardiology 224434961 Email
MUDr. Azzat Al-Redouan Department of Anatomy 257296232 Email
Fatemeh AlaeiFaradonbeh, M.Sc., Ph.D. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Email
MUDr. David Alan Department of Cardiology 224434952 Email
Meritxell Alberich Jorda, Ph.D. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 224436580 Email
MUDr. Anne Tharindi Shenali Dias Amaratunga, Ph.D. Department of Paediatrics 224432089 Email
MUDr. Helena Ambrožová, Ph.D. Department of Infectious Diseases 266082702 Email
prof. RNDr. Evžen Amler, CSc. Department of Biophysics 257296350 Email
MUDr. Jana Amlerová, Ph.D. Department of Neurology 224436801 Email
Ing. Zuzana Amlerová Department of Neuroscience Email
prof. Rostislav Andel, Ph.D. Department of Neurology
Ing. Miroslava Anděrová, CSc. Department of Neuroscience 241062050 Email
Mgr. Petr Andreas, Ph.D. PR and Communications Department 224435851 Email
Francesco Angelucci, Ph.D. Department of Neurology Email
Ing. Milena Antušková Department of Medical Microbiology 224435387 Email
JUDr. Iveta Aubrechtová Department of legal and project management 224435812 Email
prof. MUDr. Marek Babjuk, CSc. Department of Urology 224434800 Email
Mgr. Lenka Babková Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 224439272 Email
Mgr. Marina Bakardjieva, Ph.D. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 224436487 Email
Mgr. Violeta Bakardjieva - Mihaylova, Ph.D. Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 224436583 Email
Alena Balíčková Management of Buildings 257296115 Email
MUDr. Jan Balko, Ph.D. Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine 224435624 Email
MUDr. Zuzana Balogová Department of ENT Email
Martin Balšánek Department of IT Systems 224439123 Email
MUDr. Jana Bartošová Department of Paediatrics 224432253 Email
doc. MUDr. Václava Bártů, Ph.D. Department of Pneumology 224436601 Email
prof. MUDr. Jiřina Bartůňková, DrSc. Department of Immunology 224435960 Email
Ing. Dana Basařová Department for Foreign Affairs 224435862 Email
MUDr. Stanislav Batko Department of Oncology 224434749
Mgr. Daniela Baumgartnerová Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Email
MUDr. Eliška Bébrová Department of Medical Microbiology 224435371 Email
MDDr. Martina Bejdová Department of Stomatology 224433171 Email
MUDr. Miroslav Belbl Department of Pathophysiology Email
doc. MUDr. František Bělina, CSc. Department of Surgery (Central Military Hospital) 973202917 Email
MUDr. Anežka Bělohlávková, Ph.D. Department of Paediatric Neurology 224433380 Email
MUDr. Robert Bém, MHA, Ph.D. Department of Geriatrics Email
RNDr. Šárka Bendová, Ph.D. Department of Biology and Medical Genetics 257296152 Email
Bc. Lenka Bendová Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Email
Jitka Bendová Human Resources and Payroll Department 224435825 Email
Zuzana Bendová Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM 224425402 Email
doc. MUDr. Vladimír Beneš, Ph.D. Department of Neurosurgery 224432501 Email
Mgr. Iva Benešová Department of Immunology Email
Zdenka Benešová Lifelong learning center Email
Maria Florencia Bercum, Ph.D. Department of Physiology
Mgr. Martin Bezdíčka, Ph.D. Department of Paediatrics 257296763 Email
Michaela Bezrouková Department of Orthopaedics 224432801 Email
doc. MUDr. Tomáš Binder, CSc. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 224438251 Email
Lucie Bínová Department of Pathophysiology Email