Dear students, Dear students,
let me express my sincere regret in view of the situation to all those affected by Thursday's tragedy.

I would like to wish you in this context to find your inner peace, psychological balance and an early stabilization of your experience.

Please, let us realize the importance of our own lives, of the lives of our the importance of respect and reverence.

If you need help, please visit the UK website links to psychological support centres.

Šárka Tomová
22 December 2023

The ombudsman co-creates a fair and safe environment for the students and staff of the Second Faculty of Medicine. He or she mediates and seeks non-conflicting, mutually acceptable solutions to situations.

He or she is dedicated to:
  • Complaints indicating behavior that shows signs of psychological coercion or inappropriate behavior between persons in unequal positions of power.
  • Complaints alleging behaviour which shows signs of bullying or sexual harassment and which is not dealt with in accordance with the procedures set out in the internal regulations of the Second Faculty of Medicine.
  • Situations where communication is ineffective and the matter needs to be dealt with impartially.
Areas not addressed:
  • The ombudsman does not address situations that fall within the agenda of individual faculty departments (academic, personnel...).
  • Does not address complaints without proper written justification.

The ombudsman’s role is specified in the Dean’s Provision No. 8/2023 (Czech).

Mgr. et Mgr. Martin Zielina, Ph.D., is the ombudsman for the Second Faculty of Medicine’s emplyees.

+420 257 296 162

Department of Medical Ethics and Humanities, building of theoretical and preclinical departments, Plzeňská 311, A420 (plan)

appointment by email

PhDr. Šárka Tomová, MPH, Ph.D. et Ph.D., is the ombudswoman for students of the Second Faculty of Medicine.

+420 601 573 331

Department of Nursery (plan)

Tuesday and Wednesday 1 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Mgr. Petra Fabingerová is the ombudswoman for international students of the Second Faculty of Medicine, a Dean’s Board member and the coordinator for international students.

+420 257 296 815

Department of Languages, building of theoretical and preclinical departments (Plzeňská), A bloc, no. 412

by appointment