Student Organisations

At the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, there are four large and active student groups. Get familiar with their goals, activities that they organise, and with the possibility that you could become a member. Also, make sure to visit their websites or Facebook pages, where they publish news and invitations to events.


Motolák supports students in all areas of their lives, whether in their studies, through sports, reconditioning, or in community, cultural, or volunteering activities. It supports initiatives of students and helps them through interested cooperation. Among activities that are organised by the group are the Ball of the Second Faculty of Medicine, the Motol Steamboat, a community party on a boat in the Vltava River, Dobronice, an introductory course for students in their first year of study which happens in September and is held in the training center at Dobronice u Bechyně, or the art exposition of students and graduates MotolArt.

Any student at the Second Faculty of Medicine can become a member, and can use their skills in a club (volunteering club, cultural club, sporting club, study club, and školicí klub) and on a team (editors, photographers, cameramen, graphic designers, and webmasters).

Visit Motolák's website (, its Facebook page, and you can find further information in the faculty's Annual Report.

International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

IFMSA CZ 2. LF (Faculty of Medicine) supports international cooperation within medical education. It offers medical students an opportunity for self-education and self-improvement, particularly through exchange internships or a variety of educational and charitable projects. IFMSA CZ 2. LF is one of eight Czech offices of the organization IFMSA CZ, which is a full-standing member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations), an international non-profit nongovernmental organisation which connects medical students' groups from 108 countries throughout the world.

The organization has several differently oriented sections, or Standing committees:

  • clinical internships for medical students SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange),
  • research internships SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange),
  • public education on questions of sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS),
  • increasing public awareness on questions connected with health SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health),
  • education of medical students SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education),
  • training program, aimed at helping medical students with self-improvement Training Division.

Every student at the second medical faculty can become a member. The opportunity to become a member of IFMSA CZ is given to incoming first year students at the introductory course in Dobronice. There is no membership fee and one can join a practically any time. For more information, please send your questions to the email address @email.

Visit the IFMSA website, its Facebook page, and you can find further information in the faculty's Annual Report.

The Association of Physiotherapy Students

The Association of Physiotherapy Students furthers the interests and needs of students and increases general awareness of the discipline of physiotherapy even among the public. They regularly hold the event FyzioCafé, specialized lectures for physiotherapy students from education professionals in the discipline, and other events, including international internships.

Any student of physiotherapy in the Czech Republic can become a member after filling in a form at the association website and the payment of a 100 CZK membership fee. Members can take advantage of benefits from sponsors of the ASF (Association of Physiotherapy students), have privileged rights to participation at events, and can actively engage in the workings of the organisation, through which they gain points towards participating in an international internship.

Visit the association's website, its Facebook page, and you can find further information in the faculty's Annual Report.

The Association of International Medical Students (AIMS)

The Association of International Medical Students defends and discusses the interests of international medical students at our faculty. It regularly organises events for the international students as the Welcome Party or the X-MAS party.

Every student of the English programme at the Second Faculty can become a member. During the first two weeks of October people have the opportunity to apply for a position. Petra Fabingerová will promote the application form via an email sent to every student from 1st to 6th year. Some of the positions available include group year representative, webmaster, sports representative, events team among others. Monthly meetings are organized by the president of the respective year to distribute tasks among the members and to discuss problems that occurred during the month.

Visit the AIMS Facebook page and their web, and you can find further information in the faculty's Annual Report.