Outstanding Scientific Achievements

Announcement of the Results of the Adam's Awards 2019

26. 11. 2019

On 21 November 2019, the Dean, Prof. Vladimír Komárek, passed the Adams' Annual Awards. The Ervín Adam Prize was given to Ing. David Staněk and the Vlasta Adam Prize to Dr Kateřina Rejlová. Take a look at the photos from the ceremony.

Presenting a New Perspective on the Aetiology of Short Stature Complexes

27. 6. 2019

This year’s Albert Schweitzer Prize, awarded by the French Embassy, was awarded to Dr Lukáš Plachý (of the Pediatric Clinic). He has thus continued the line of successful PhD students from the Second Faculty of Medicine who have received the prize in the medical field in recent years. The ceremony took place on 26 June. A conversation.

Dr. Jitka Palich Fučíková was awarded the Česká Hlava (Czech Mind)

28. 11. 2018

The scientist from the Institute of Immunology, in collaboration with the Sotio Biotechnology Company, demonstrated that the presence of the protein calreticulin significantly influences the activation of the anti-tummor immune response and improves the prognosis of patients with lung carcinoma. She received the Česká Hlava in the Invention category.