Dr. Petra Laššuthová Recieved the Discovery Award

MUDr. Petra Laššuthová, Ph.D, a scientist from the Clinic of Pediatric Neurology of the Second Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University, and the Motol University Hospital, was awarded the Discovery Award for medical and pharmaceutical research. Prizes were awarded by Novartis to a total of four researchers under 40 years old; the aim of the award being to encourage and stimulate innovative work that benefit patients by improving their quality of life and to highlight the innovative potential of Czech medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Each winner won 50,000 Czech Crowns, which was presented to the scientists by the Novartis general manager Martin Puchwein on December 4th, 2018.

Dr. Laššuthová was awarded for her work Využití nástrojů genomiky pro diagnostiku a objasňování nových příčin dědičných neuropatií (the use of genomics tools to diagnose and explain new causes of hereditary neuropathies). These are usually manifested through slow progressive muscle weakness, begining in the lower apendages and continuing to the upper limbs.

Source: Czech Press Agency

See a videoportrait of the awardee (in Czech; source: Discovery Award):

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