The Complex of Theoretical and Preclinical Departments

​The theoretical and preclinical departments of the Second Faculty of Medicine are located on the Plzeňská Campus. The faculty acquired these premises after the Velvet Revolution, until 1989 they served as a military training ground. The lower part of the campus belongs to the Czech Technical University and the upper part is owned by Charles University.

The building of the theoretical and preclinical departments, which was nicknamed “Earthworm” due to its shape and distinctive yellow staircase, replaced the original buildings in 2011. While walking through the building, you will come across the histological floor with two rest areas: one painted with eosinophilic colour, the other with hematoxylin colour – to promote study in a beautiful atmosphere.

In 2019, a new building of theoretical and preclinical departments was opened, which follows on from the building from 2011. The faculty thus acquired its own Department of Anatomy. It has top equipment, among other things you will find 16 fixed autopsy tables, 12 spacious stainless steel vats with a lower outlet for conservation and storage of donor bodies, large-capacity cooling and freezing box for temporary storage of donor bodies, operating room equipped with two X-ray transparent adjustable operating beds for teaching clinical, surgical and applied anatomy, ultrasound with five probes for examination on the bodies of donors and volunteers, virtual autopsy table, audio-visual equipment of the entire autopsy tract, 3D printer for printing bones and educational models and modern facilities (showers, disinfection, filters).

The last of the buildings of the area of theoretical and preclinical departments on Plzeňská was opened in October 2022, thus ending the fourteen-year construction. On its second floor, there are classrooms for 20 to 60 people, on the third floor an auditorium for 200 people and classrooms for 40 to 60 people, on the fourth floor there are consultation rooms and a sunny terrace. The Department of Epidemiology, the Department of Languages and the Department of Ethics moved to new premises.