In accordance with the Government Regulation No. 274/2016 Coll., Part Two, Title II, Chapter H, Point I, Paragraph 3 and Rector’s Directive No. 13/2019, Art. 13, para. 5 part of the study obligations in the doctoral study programme is the completion of part of the study at a foreign institution in the total length of at least one month or another form of direct student participation in international cooperation, e.g. participation in an international creative project with results published or presented abroad, etc.

We emphasize that every outgoing student is obliged to register his/her stay in the SIS before departure (module “Internships”). The instructions are available hereAfter you register, please sign the form Records of foreign stays – statement and hand it over to clerks. Upon return, you must notify the end of your stay at the Department for Foreign Affairs. If the student does not do so, he/she will not be able to “pair” the internship within the AE, which he/she will complete at the end of the academic year. Internships can be entered retrospectively into the SIS.

You can find more information about internships (DS025) according to the requirements of individual subject area boards in the section of “Doctoral study programmes”.

Last update: 10. 2. 2023 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.