Department of Neurology

Departmental Focus:

Acute conditions in neurology – cerebrovascular programme, neurologic ICU. Degenerative diseases of the nervous system, extrapyramidal disorders. Demyelinating and inflammatory disases of the nervous system – multiple sclerosis, CSF programme. Comprehensive epilepsy programme, Video-EEG monitoring, epilepsy surgery programme. Neuromuscular diseases. Infectious and parainfectious diseases of the nervous system. Cognitive and mnestic disorders. Migraine and headaches. Myoskeletal medicine, backache and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Neurogenetic programme, CMT-HSMN, SCA. Disorders of the vestibular cerebral system, vertigo, neurootology, neuroopthalmology, vestibulology incl. vestibular rehabilitation. Neurophysiology – EMG, EP, ENG, posturography, evoked potentials. Psychosomatic medicine and clinical psychology in neurology.


The neurological department of the Motol University Hospital was founded in 1957. The first Head of the Department was doc. MUDr. Mathon and for a number of years his close collaborators were MUDr. Káš and MUDr. Orzságh.

The department gradually grew and assumed more and more functions of a genuine University Clinic, reflecting the fact that the Motol University Hospital was being changed into a University hospital. In the early seventies Professor MUDr. Hanzal, DrSc., one of the most important pupils of Academician Henner and a leading specialist on CSF, liquorology and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, was appointed Head of the Department. Thanks to him the department became a full-fledged clinic, being officially established as Neurological Clinic of the Faculty of Pediatrics, Motol University Hospital in 1972.

At that time the Depatrtment of Neurology had already over fifty beds. There was an EEG laboratory, a vestibulological laboratory was just being formed. When in 1976 Professor F. Hanzal left the clinic for the Institute of Further Education of Physicians and Pharmacists, Professor MUDr. Hana Krejčová, DrSc. was appointed head of the clinic. Her chief scientific interest was research of the vestibular system and thanks to her the clinic ran a modern vestibulological laboratory of a European standard and had contacts with leading European and US vestibulological labs and departments.

In January 1993 Docent MUDr. Martin Bojar, CSc. became the head of the clinic and the clinical and research activities have been diversified in various aspects thanks to the step by step implementation of new medical technologies in the Motol University Hospital though the isolated position in the old building represented a serious obstacle.

Last update: 4. 3. 2024