Accreditation valid until: 1. 11. 2020

Chairman of the Subject Area Board:
doc. PaedDr. Karel Jelen, CSc.

Department of Anatomy and Biomechanics
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Charles University
José Martího 31
162 52  Prague 6
phone: +420 220 172 319
e-mail: @email

Members of the Subject Area Board

Characteristics of the study programme

The graduate of doctoral studies in Biomechanics is well prepared from a professional point of view. He/she has the knowledge and skills needed to solve scientific and research issues concerning basic and applied research as well as other areas of research and development, where biomechanics is involved. Within his/her specialization, the graduate is competent to communicate with the scientific community. He/she also possesses innovative skills, academic and professional integrity and observes ethical principles in scientific work. His/her publication activities reflect the ability of critical analysis as well as evaluation and synthesis of new comprehensive ideas in the field of Biomechanics. The graduate is highly qualified for a specialized place of employment in educational, public administration and commercial sector on position of rehabilitation, training and conditioning specialist, technical developer and grant applicant.

Requirements during the study
Requirements for internships
Listed courses
Requirements for the SDE
Publication activity requirements
Defence requirements
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