Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The doctoral scholarship is paid to students in the full-time form of study who have met the prescribed conditions for its recognition. It is paid retrospectively for the past month to the student's bank account. The payout date is the 20th day of the month. The student is obliged to enter the bank account number into the SIS (in the personal data section), otherwise the scholarship cannot be paid to him.

The payment of scholarships is governed by the following regulations:

The doctoral scholarship is paid automatically, so the student does not apply for it. The student also does not apply for a scholarship for excellent study results. After completing the SDE, the scholarship increases automatically, so there is no need to apply. The student may request the dean of the faculty to award other scholarships in accordance with the Scholarship and Bursary Rules of CU for Awarding Scholarships at the Second Faculty of Medicine CU. This request must be documented in accordance with the Dean's provision No. 6/2018 Art. 4 (see the Application for award / increase of scholarship form). 

The scholarship agenda is managed by the head of the department, PhDr. Marta Hrušková.

Scholarship to support accommodation and social scholarship

Information on accommodation and social scholarships can be found on the CU website.

All information about scholarships at the CU can be found here.

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