Individual Study Plan (ISP)

Study in a doctoral programme of study follows an ISP under the guidance of a supervisor and usually with the participation of an advisor. The supervisor and the advisor of a particular student are appointed and recalled by the dean upon a proposal of the SAB. The supervisor with his student are to compile the student´s ISP containing primarily the topic of a dissertation and a list of all study duties, scientific, research and other obligations, an outline of planned or recommended stays abroad and other visits or internships and pedagogical activities. The student is then obliged to submit the drawn-up ISP through the electronic SIS to his supervisor. Should the student fail to submit it by the deadline determined in a respective Dean´s Provision he has failed to comply with a requirement set in this Code and his study is to be terminated. The supervisor must submit the ISP to the SAB no later than two months after the beginning of the academic year in which the applicant is enrolled. The SAB may request that the head of a unit providing to the student technical and organizational background ("head of the doctoral student training unit") should submit his opinion. The ISP is binding on the student upon its approval by the SAB.

Created: 19. 5. 2021 / Modified: 23. 8. 2021 / Responsible person: ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.