Mobility Portals & Support

Web portals below list all forms of study and educational internship offers.

Foreign cooperation at Charles University
Charles University supports student and lecturer international mobility, find more information in the University international cooperation web presentation website (cz).
The Centre for International Cooperation in Education
The Centre for International Cooperation in Education informs about offers of stipends and internships abroad based on international contracts and about other abroad study opportunities.
European Network of Mobility Centres
The European mobility portal at the Europa server is an efficient tool that allows organisations and researchers to:
  • gain an oversight of grants and stipends,
  • search for jobs offered in research in the EU,
  • publish offers of research and development jobs,
  • place professional profiles of workers who seek research and development jobs in Europe (only registered persons and organisations may insert information; services are free of charge),
  • search for workers matching specific requirements,
  • search for useful mobility information.

The Czech Centre for Student and Lecturer Mobility is part of the ERA-MORE European Network of Mobility Centres. It runs, among other activities, the Era Careers website that can be useful even for jobseekers seeking in the Czech Republic.

Contact: Jindra Emmerová
České centrum pro mobilitu
Zahraniční odbor
Středisko společných činností Akademie věd ČR
Národní 3
110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika

tel. +420 221 403 249
fax +420 224 240 531


The Study Abroad and International Student Office

The Study Abroad and International Student Office provide information and individual consultation services about study abroad options. Charles University offers its students various foreign activities in the form of semester-long or year-long study periods, traineeships, summer schools, language courses or research periods and constantly tries to increase the offer. Among the most popular foreign activities stands the Erasmus+ programme and then study periods within the inter-university and inter-faculty agreements.

Student Residence Švehlova, ground floor:

  • Monday 2pm – 4.30pm
  • Slavíkova 22, 130 00 Prague 3

Student Residence Hvězda, Block III, room 10:

  • Wednesday 2pm – 4.30pm
  • Zvoníčkova 5, 162 08 Prague 6
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