Point Grants

Guide for Applicants Point – Internationalisation of Charles University

Point scheme provides financial support for short-term international mobilities. It is based on Rector’s Directive No. 10/2020. Please, read it carefully before submitting your application.

Students can receive grants for the following short-term (usually up to 3 weeks) international activities:

  • participation in summer schools abroad (does not apply to language courses),
  • unpaid student internships (up to a maximum of 3 weeks),
  • participation in International competitions and championships,
  • participation in Student conferences abroad or
  • taking part in negotiations related to the internationalization of Charles University

Faculties can receive financial support for:

  • short-term trips of academic staff and student representatives to meetings within international university networks (such as Coimbra, LERU, UNICA, Europaeum, etc.)
  • short-term trips of academic staff in relation to preparation of international projects
  • organisation of international summer schools of a non-profit nature

Applications can be submitted:

• twice a year: from 1 June to 30 June 2023 (spring round) and from 1 November to 30 November (autumn round).
• electronically via an online application (UK internal competitions system)

More information on the UK website.

Last update: 4. 4. 2023 / Responsible person: Ing. Pavla Byrne