A Decree about the Establishment of the Award from the Rector of Charles University for the Best Graduates of Charles University

  1. The Rector of Charles University establishes the award for the best graduates of Charles University.
  2. The prize can be awarded to graduates from a M.D. who were excellent students or accomplished significant results in scientific, research, specialized or artistic activities during their study at the faculty.
  3. The prize can be awarded yearly to one graduate from the following disciplines:
    1. Award of prof. MUDr. Karel Weigner for medical disciplines (the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové),
    2. Award of prof. JUDr. Karel Engliš for socio-scientific disciplines (Faculty of Law, Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Social Sciences),
    3. Award of prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Heyrovský for natural science disciplines (Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports),
    4. Award of Josef Dobrovský for theology disciplines (Catholic Theological Faculty, Protestant Theological Faculty, Hussite Theological Faculty),
    5. Award of prof. PhDr. Václav Příhoda for teaching qualifications (Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences).
  4. The prize of the Rector has been determined to be at least 10 000 CZK and is covered by the funds gained by the economic activity of Charles University or from gifts received.
  5. The Rector awards the prize at the recommendation of the faculty. The proposal for award will be sent to the department for study and study matters of the students of the Rector's office by 15th July at the latest. The recommendation has to be well-grounded.
  6. Boards of medical faculties, socio-scientific faculties, natural science faculties, theological faculties and for teaching qualification are set up to assess particular recommendations. Each faculty has one representative on the board. The proposal for award will be submitted to the Rector by the board by 31st August at the latest.
  7. The awards, together with the letter of the Rector, are usually given at a ceremonial session of the scientific council of Charles University on the occasion of its establishment.

This decree comes into effect on 26th May 1995.

Created: 26. 1. 1995 / Modified: 18. 10. 2018 / Responsible person: Renata Habětínová