The Scientific Conference at the Second Faculty of Medicine

Active participation in the Scientific Conference (DS002), which is organized every year by the Second Faculty of Medicine CU, is mandatory for all doctoral students of 4th and higher years, if they have not already participated in the previous academic year. In practice, this means that from the 4th year onward, doctoral students are required to present the results of their research at a conference every two years (in the 4th, 6th and 8th year of study). So when the doctoral student actively participated, for example, in 2020, he must offer a presentation again in 2022. It is not enough to present once for the entire study. It is not possible to register for a scientific conference via SIS. If the student is unable to attend the conference due to serious reasons (planned operation, childbirth, internship abroad, etc.), it is necessary to submit an application via e-mail to the vice-dean for doctoral studies. The request must be duly substantiated and the reasons that prevent the student from not attending the conference must be explained.

Last update: 18. 6. 2023 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.