Annual Assessment (AA)

The student's obligation is to regularly enter the so-called annual assessment (hereinafter referred to as "AA") of ISP for the given academic year electronically into the SIS module for each year of study and sent it to the supervisor. The supervisor and then the SAB of the doctoral study programme comment on the assessment. The AA is no longer submitted in writing, the submission is only done electronically in the SIS. The responsibilities of the ISP must be specific and verifiable for each academic year. It is essential that the student completes all data regarding his/her studies (i.e. all sections, in particular: dissertation work and the procedure for the preparation of the work, the course of study and an overview of responsibilities), including the annotation of the project as an appendix. The assessment must be completed by all students who are in active study status ("studying" and "going on placement") at the time of assessment. The assessment does not only apply to those students who had their studies interrupted throughout the academic year. 

We recommend making it clear from each ISP update, which specific plan responsibilities are prescribed for a particular academic year. Reasons must be given for non-compliance. If you have fulfilled all obligations, including SDE, describe in detail the specific activities planned for the next academic year in the preparation of the dissertation, or. publications to provide a basis for further AAs. In order to be able to establish an AA and match subjects, it is necessary to provide a reference to the Department for PhD Study with proof of fulfilled obligations (copy or scan of the index, or a certificate of completion of courses and examinations). The AA takes place in accordance with the respective academic calendar (in the period 1 July - 31 August).

The AA must include:

  • Completion of records on publishing activities in OBD - mainly applies to scientific publications.
  • Addition of internships to the SIS in case they have not yet been entered there - it mainly concerns internships longer than 30 days, which are taken into account in the assessment of doctoral students, study programs and the faculty. Doctoral students will submit an internship in the Record of Internships in the SIS application, and after the internship has been approved by the supervisor, the fulfilment of the obligation will be recorded in the report on studies in the SIS by the clerk.
  • Addition of new study obligations related to the preparation for the SDE or processing of the dissertation (or a reasoned request for removal from the plan of previously enrolled obligations) in agreement with the supervisor, registration of subjects, including SDE.
  • Comments on previously and currently registered duties and on the progress in the preparation of the dissertation.
  • Pairing of registered duties with completed subjects in the SIS; the results must be entered in the SIS by the clerk.
  • Pairing publications with OBD records – if the publication is not yet in OBD, first insert the record into the OBD and only then pair the records in the AA.
  • Possibility to insert files with publications, resp. posters or abstracts from conferences.
  • Pairing grants with registered records in relevant databases.
  • Complementing the pedagogical activity related to the preparation for the doctoral examination or the processing of the dissertation (especially by pairing with the data entered in the SIS).
  • Pairing traineeships with records registered in the SIS in the Internships Register application (provided that they have been entered in the SIS; records cannot be entered retrospectively).
  • Completion of the final summary of ISP performance for the relevant academic year.
  • Handing over the prepared documents to the supervisor.

During the creation of the AA, we recommend active cooperation with supervisors when entering and editing data. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that after sending the  to the supervisor, it will no longer be possible to further edit the assessment, i.e. that it will no longer be possible to fill in, edit or send anything afterwards.

Additional steps relating to the AA

  • After the student submits their AA, the supervisor submits their commentary and the subject area board discusses and approves the assessment.
  • At the end of the assessment, it is stated that the student:
    1. has fulfilled the ISP,
    2. without serious reasons, does not fulfil certain parts of the ISP,
    3. does not fulfil the obligations of the ISP; in such a case, the student did not fulfil the requirements set out in the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University and their studies will be terminated.

The results of the ISP assessment are made available to students in SIS in the module Individual Study Plan of docotral students. The student/supervisor is informed about the AA approval by automatic e-mail.

    Proposal for reducing/increasing a scholarship

    • As a part of the assessment, the subject area board has the possibility of reducing the doctoral scholarship (by up to 50%) in the case of a B assessment. The dean decides on reducing the scholarship.
    • In addition, the subject area board may increase the scholarship during an additional assessment. The dean decides on increasing the scholarship.
    • In the event of an A assessment, the subject area board may propose an extraordinary scholarship. The dean decides on payment of an extraordinary scholarship.

    Extraordinary assessment (EA)

    • If for any reason, especially due to interrupted studies, the assessment does not take place in the autumn, it will take place at the earliest possible date after the obstacles preventing the assessment have been removed, so that the respective student is always assessed at least once in each year of their studies, with the exception of a situation where the next assessment is to take place earlier than three months according to the Academic Calendar.
    • A doctoral student may also undergo an extraordinary assessment if it was proposed during the AA in the autumn.
    • The EA takes place in accordance with the respective academic calendar (usually 1 to 31 March) in the same manner as the AA.
    Last update: 7. 9. 2023 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.
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