Albert Schweitzer Award for Dr Vít Neuman

Award ceremony, Vít Neuman in the middle.
Photographs on this page: Eva Kořínková (IFP).
Preview photograph: Richard Škába (Second Faculty of Medicine).

Vít Neuman, Ph.D., a graduate of the Second Faculty of Medicine and physician at the Department of Pediatrics, received the Albert Schweitzer Award in the field of medicine. The prize, which is awarded annually by the French Embassy to young talented scientists, was given to Dr. Neuman for work The effect of gluten-free diet on beta-cell residual capacity, immune function and gut microbiome in children with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes.

The awards were presented on Thursday 30 September 2021 in the Music Hall of the Buquoy Palace, Prague. The Prize for Medicine, the recipients of which, in addition to the financial reward, also have the opportunity to travel for a monthly internship to a research laboratory in France, comes with one exception to the Second Faculty of Medicine for the ninth time in a row.


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