Optional Subjects

The registration of the optional subject in the academic year 2019/20
  • winter semester: 9.–30. 9. 2019
  • summer semester: 10.–16. 2. 2020

The registration of the optional subject is a two step process:

  1. Electronic Preregistration in the SIS system.
  2. Final Registration, i.e. confirmation by the Study Department and sign up of the subject in the Index of the Student.

How can I find which optional subjects are available for the study program and year?

The information can be found in the SIS system (no registration is necessary), click for the English version

  • choose Subjects;
  • confirm that you are in the current academic year 2019/20;
  • in the green bar, check the ‘View by Plans’;
  • choose the Faculty, Branch/plan, year class.

The Subjects for the requested plan and year will be shown – first the compulsory subjects, then the optional subjects.

Please follow the steps for preliminary electronic registration of the optional subjects in SIS.

After you sign up to SIS:

  1. choose the icon ‘Registration of subjects and time table’ ;
  2. confirm that you are in the current academic year 2019/20;
  3. choose the item ‘Registration’ (‘Zápis (vlastní)’ in Czech) (Beware! You will not see the Second Faculty of Medicine sign until you are allowed to register the optional subject);
  4. find the optional subject through either filtering ‘Garant’, i.e. the department that provides for the optional subject or by other means (via code of the subject, name etc.);
  5. choose the requested subject and confirm your choice by clicking ‘Zapsat’ (Register).













  1. SIS will offer the available times of the subjects, please choose the convenient option for you. The option will be shown in your time table in SIS.
  2. Subsequently you need to check that you fulfill all the requirements (prerequisites). Please click the item ‘Kontrola’ (Control) on the menu and then click on ‘Žádost o kontrolu’ (Confirmation request). Click the ‘Obnovit výsledek’ (update) to see the result of this control.
  3. Your optional subject is this way preliminarily registered (i.e. electronically applied for).

Please come with your Index to the Study Department for final and binding registration of your optional subjects. Without this step your registration of the optional subjects is not complete!

Before your visit of the Study Department please check in the SIS system that your choice of the subjects is correct. Please cancel any options you decided not to register before you visit us. There is no easy way for the Staff of the Department to cancel the options for you. You need to do it yourself!

Published: 16. 10. 2015 / Last update: 12. 9. 2018 / Responsible person: Ing. Karolína Francová