Physics – The Entrance Exam Topics


SI units. Scalar and vector quantities.


The Newton's laws. The Energy conservation law. Force, Momentum. Gravity.
Hydrostatics: Pressure. Pascal's and Archimed's laws, Buoyant force.
Hydrodynamics: The Continuity and Bernoulli's equations.


Frequency, wavelength, phase velocity. Sound intensity, intensity level, hearing. Ultrasound.


Temperature, Celsius and absolute temperature scales. Heat, specific heat. The 1st and 2nd principles of thermodynamics.
Aggregation state changes, saturated vapor curve, humidity.

Electricity & Magnetism

Electric charge, Coulomb's law. Electric field intensity and potential. Tension, Current, Resistance, Ohm's law, Joule's heat, power. Connecting resistors.
Magnetic field, Ampére's rule. Electromagnetic induction, Farday's law.


Light reflection and refraction, refraction index, Snell's law. Mirrors and lenses. Light as elmg. wave, light velocity, spectrum, visible light.

Atom physics

The structure of atom, main elementary particles. The nucleus, isotopes, radioactivity. Radioactive decay.

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