PhD Programmes at the Second Faculty of Medicine

We welcome graduates from all the relevant fields, not only medicine. All applicants are expected to meet basic requirements – certification of completed master degree. 

In case the applicant is not a graduate of EU university or there is not an existing agreement between relevant country and the Czech Republic about mutual recognition of university diploma, it is necessary for the applicant to present a confirmation of equivalency of his/her university degree. Read more details below in the section "Recognition of Master's degree from universities outside the Czech Republic".

Accredited doctoral study programmes

There are 16 accredited doctoral study programmes taught in Czech and English, in full-time and part-time form, organised in the doctoral study at the Second Faculty of Medicine:

Every doctoral study programme is accredited with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The standard period of study is four years. All study programmes are carried out without specializations.

Doctoral studies are provided under the direction of the Supervisor and an Advisor. Conditions for admission, content of entrance exams, etc., are different for individual study programme and are adapted every year according to the requirements of the Subject Area Board of PhD programme. Preliminary questions concerning study opportunities can be answered on condition that the applicant will submit professional Curriculum Vitae, i.e. basic information about his/her practice, qualifications, scientific interest and activities including a publication activity summary. It is recommended to contact the head of  the Subject Area Board of PhD programme or appropriate Supervisor first.

Admission proceedings in PhD programmes for the following academic year are announced at the beginning of January, together with the deadline for submitting applications by the end of April at the latest. Entrance exams take place only once a year, always in June. Specific information about conditions of admission in particular study programme, including a list of required documents, are presented in the section of "Admissions". 

There is no tuition for doctoral study both in the English and Czech language. There is a scholarship for a present mode of study for all students. Students are encouraged to learn basic Czech necessary for communication with patients at clinical departments.

Doctoral study programmes in Biomedicine (DSPB)

The aim is creation of a consistent concept of the system of doctoral studies and scientific training of graduates of doctoral studies in biology and medicine/biomedicine as well as providing of adequate conditions for common implementation of doctoral study programmes on a legally acceptable basis.

Information on the studies in a particular doctoral study programme/field in biomedicine may be obtained at the Department for PhD Study at the Second Faculty of Medicine. The doctoral study in biomedicine is coordinated by the Coordination Board of Doctoral study programmes in biomedicine (the Coordination Board of DSPB).

List of accredited study programmes 

Information on the requirements of the Subject Area Boards, courses, state doctoral examination, dissertation thesis, etc. can be found below by clicking and also on the DSPB website. If necessary, the Chairmen of the individual Subject Area Boards will provide all further explanations and clarifications to the requirements below. Therefore, if you have any further questions, please contact them exclusively.

Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry *
Biomechanics *
Biomedical Informatics *
Cardiovascular Science
Cell Biology and Pathology *
Experimental Surgery *
Human Physiology and Pathophysiology *
Imaging Methods in Medicine *
Immunology *
Kinesiology and Rehabilitation
Medical Biophysics *
Microbiology *
Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics and Virology *
Neurosciences *
Pharmacology and Toxicology *
Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology*
* doctoral programmes associated to DSPB

Coordination Board of DSPB

Doctoral studies in biology and medicine are co-ordinated by the Coordination Board of DSPB (thereinafter “Coornination Board”); its members, appointed by the Rector of Charles University and President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, are Chairmen of all Subject Area Boards as well as some other persons suggested by the participating faculties, institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and possibly other authorities. Members of the Coordination Board elect a Presidium of 7-9 members, which in turn elects its Chairman and Vice-chairman. The Chairman summons and directs sessions of the Coordination Board and acts as its representative in negotiations with the Rector Office of Charles University, authorities of the Czech Academy of Sciences, or possibly other authorities. The Vice-chairman fully deputizes for the Chairman during his/her absence. The term in office of the Coordinaton Board is 5 years.

The Coordinaton Board, in particular:

  • co-ordinates the activities of particular Subject Area Boards
  • informs of the terms and conditions of admission procedures in particular programmes of doctoral studies
  • co-ordinates conditions of the involved Subject Area Boards for admission procedures
  • initiates and co-ordinates organization of interdisciplinary lectures, courses and other joint forms of tuition
  • co-ordinates and provides edition of learning texts for doctoral studies in biomedical sciences
  • organizes the annual scientific conference of the students in doctoral studies in biomedical sciences
  • monitors and evaluates quality and standard of defences of dissertation theses, organized by particular Subject Area Boards
  • suggests to the Rector of Charles University and President of the Czech Academy of Sciences organizational measures to provide for the activities in doctoral studies in biomedical sciences and to boost its quality and efficiency
  • co-operates with the relevant faculty in graduation of students who have passed the doctoral study programme
  • provides for edition of an information brochure of programmes of doctoral studies in biomedical sciences, which includes the lists of the Boards and Supervisors
  • co-operates with grant agencies and actively strives for grant support and other funding of study programmes in biomedical sciences
  • co-operates with the Centre of Doctoral Studies at the department of studies and student affairs of the Rector Office of Charles University
  • in co-operation with the training institutions and particular Subject Area Boards, initiates and organizes international contacts
  • co-operates with Deans of particular faculties in evaluation of scientific standard and activities of the Subject Area Boards involved
  • directs the activities of the Secretariat and the Secretary for DSPB
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