Recognition of Study Obligations

If the student has completed study requirements at another faculty/university or abroad or as part of his/her previous (even unsuccessful) studies, he/she may apply for recognition. This means that the student does not have to complete these obligations again in the current course of study. The possible recognition of study obligations is not a matter of course which is an entitlement. Each application is considered individually and always depends on the decision of the relevant subject area board and the dean of the faculty. Recognition of the fulfilment of the course study control is governed by the Code of Study and Examination of CU (Part II, Article 7, paragraph 17). At the same time, the recognition of equivalence and the method of fulfillment is decided by the subject area board.

Lectures, seminars, proseminars, courses, examinations, internships, as well as publishing, teaching or scientific/research activity are considered as study obligations. A study obligation that has been fulfilled more than ten years after its completion cannot be recognised. The time limit is calculated from the first completion of the course, not from any subsequent recognition. It is the student's responsibility to provide truthful information. A state doctoral examination taken as part of a previous unsuccessful doctoral study cannot be recognised.

If a study requirement has already been reported as fulfilled during the bachelor's/master's degree, it cannot be recognised. The results of previous bachelor's/master's studies are not recognised and cannot be part of the student's ISP (see CSE CU, Part III, Article 10, paragraph 3).

If a student wishes to have any study obligation recognised (including publications, internships or conferences), he/she must complete the Request of acceptance of studying obligations form. This request must be duly justified and recommended by the supervisor. The student shall deliver the completed application in paper form in person or by post to the Department for PhD Study. It will then be forwarded to the subject area board for comment.

Last update: 11. 4. 2022 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.