Publication Activity

An integral part of the study is, of course, the publishing activity. Publications will only be entered into the database if the student has a personal identifier created. According to the Rector’s provision No. 28/2016 with effect from October 15, 2016, all doctoral students are obliged to create an international identifier ORCID ID and create their profile on ORCID within the records of publishing activities. Further information and precise instructions for setting up an ORCID account can be found after clicking the link. If the student already has established personal identifiers such as the ResearcherID – ID database Web of Science or ScopusAuthor ID – Scopus ID database, it is necessary to link these identifiers with the ORCID. Instructions for connecting identifiers can be found here.

Module for registration and management of records on publishing activities of Charles University OBD (Personal bibliographic database) is a part of the Charles University Information System. It is available online to all CU staff from any computer connected to the Internet. To enter the system, you need to know your login (the number under the photo on the employee's card) and password (in CAS - Central Authentication System, Charles University). Instructions for working in OBD are available on the CU web page.

Registering of the results of publishing and scientific activities is mandatory for doctoral students and is carried out on the basis of the Rector’s Directive No. 18/2020. The publication activity is managed by the Department for Scientific Information, the contact person is PhDr. Radim Kubeš.

The student also reports the results of his / her publishing activities within the so-called annual ISP evaluation, which takes place regularly at the end of each academic year. If it does not have publications registered in OBD, they cannot be paired in the annual evaluation. Articles, monographs and other results of publishing activities are also part of the so-called Diploma Supplement where they are downloaded from library databases.

Last update: 13. 4. 2022 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.