International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

IFMSA CZ 2. LF (Faculty of Medicine) supports international cooperation within medical education. It offers medical students an opportunity for self-education and self-improvement, particularly through exchange internships or a variety of educational and charitable projects. IFMSA CZ 2. LF is one of eight Czech offices of the organization IFMSA CZ, which is a full-standing member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students' Associations), an international non-profit nongovernmental organisation which connects medical students' groups from 108 countries throughout the world.

The organization has several differently oriented sections, or Standing committees:

  • clinical internships for medical students SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange),
  • research internships SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange),
  • public education on questions of sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS),
  • increasing public awareness on questions connected with health SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health),
  • education of medical students SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education),
  • training program, aimed at helping medical students with self-improvement Training Division.

Every student at the second medical faculty can become a member. The opportunity to become a member of IFMSA CZ is given to incoming first year students at the introductory course in Dobronice. There is no membership fee and one can join a practically any time. For more information, please send your questions to the email address @email.

Visit the IFMSA website, its Facebook page, and you can find further information in the faculty's Annual Report.