Noteworthy Publications from our Faculty

The section contains a selection of the most important publications by faculty members from 2006 to the present.

The colonisation of Czech travellers and expatriates living in the Czech Republic by colistin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and whole genome characterisation of E. coli isolates harbouring the mcr-1 genes on a plasmid or chromosome: A cross-sectional study

11. 1. 2022

M. Krutova, A. Kalova, E. Nycova, T. Gelbicova, R. Karpiskova, E. SmelikovaO. NycP. DrevinekJ. Tkadlec. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. Jan-Feb 2021;39:101914. doi: 10.1016/j.tmaid.2020.101914. Epub 2020 Nov 13. IF: 6.211