Teaching at Our Faculty: Questions and Answers

The Dean of the faculty Professor Vladimír Komárek answers questions about the rolling back of quarantine measure and the step-by-step return to “normal life”.

The special rules of study with regards to the presence of Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 are outlined in Dean’s Provision No. 6/2020 and Dean’s Provision No. 7/2020 (translation in progress).

Find the updated schedule of the academic year 2019/2020 here.

Information for students entering the Czech Republic, which became possible on 11 May 2020, can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. We have also published the rules for entry into the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures for the duration of the state of emergency on 1 May 2020 in this article.

How is teaching taking place at the faculty?

It is slowly getting back to normal, made possible by the easing of the quarantine measures.

From whom and how should students get information on the organisation of the semester?

From the guarantor of each class or the head or representative for teaching in the relevant department.

Who should students turn to if they are not clear on a question?

First to the head of their clinic or institute, or to the relevant vice-dean for teaching.

What are the current conditions for physical presence at the faculty?

From the week of 4 May, group of up to five could be present, and from 11 May groups of up to 15 persons are allowed, in accordance with the Dean’s Provision.

Are the conditions for the preclinical and clinical education different? If so, in which ways?

The rules for teaching in all study years are the same.

Are clinical practices and internships with patients taking place? If so, in what way?

Yes, in accordance with government resolutions and agreements between the leaderships of the faculty and the hospital.

What documents are needed upon arrival at the faculty?

A signed affidavit confirming non-infection, which can be found here  (doc, 27 kB).

Is it necessary to deliver a new affidavit every time you come to the faculty? How long is the affidavit valid?

It is necessary to bring a new one each time a person is present at the faculty for a one-off test or consultation, and in the case of a week-long internship, they must bring an affidavit only on the first day. The length of validity of affidavits is not defined in the government measures.

How should students from Slovakia deal with the return to full-time teaching?

They can come, assuming that they follow and fulfill the requirements set by the current laws of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

What if someone is still working as a volunteer and should already be attending lessons – how should they deal with this?

Individually according to the nature of the subject and after agreement with the guarantor of the subject.

In what form and when will examinations in preclinical subjects and clinical subjects take place?

Tests in preclinical and clinical subjects already take place in group of up to of five people or remotely, and from 11 May, it is possible to hold written tests for up to fifteen people.

Does the postponement of the end of the examination period to 24 September mean that examinations will be announced throughout this period, including July and August?

Yes, the examination period is from 25 May to 24 September.

Will foreign students or students from Slovakia who are not in the Czech Republic be able to take the exams remotely this semester?


What will be the rules for recognizing summer internships as voluntary assistance during the coronavirus crisis?

Documented volunteer internships will be recognized, for example, in the place of summer internships or the so-called K10.

Published: 7. 5. 2020 / Last update: 7. 5. 2020 / Responsible person: Mgr. Ing. Tereza Kůstková