The Pain Management Centre at the Rehabilitation Clinic seeks a group of people

The Pain Management Centre at the Rehabilitation Clinic od Second Faculty of Medicine and Motol University Hospital needs your help.

Your colleague, a graduate student, is working on a project that evaluates the activity of nociceptive spinal neurons using the so-called nociceptive reflex in patients with chronic neuropathic pain.

To interpret the results correctly, he needs to examine a group of norms in people who do not suffer from chronic pain and do not regularly take analgesics. The reflex is elicited with a standard electromyographic stimulator on the leg, and the response is sensed with a surface electrode from the muscle. It is a non-invasive test that cannot harm you in any way.

On the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to gain insight into spinal physiology and objectively measure your individual pain perception threshold.

You will help your colleague and his patients!

MUDr. Rudolf Černý, CSc


Mgr. Jan Lonek


Created: 6. 9. 2023 / Modified: 6. 9. 2023 / PhDr. Mgr. Kateřina Křenová