Creation and approval of ISPs of students of the 1st year of DSP

We would like to inform students and supervisors that the creation of Individual Study Plans (ISP) of students is now activated in the module "Individual Study Plan of Ph.D. students" in SIS. The ISP is created by students in the 1 st year of doctoral study programmes in cooperation with their supervisors. This plan is then forwarded by the supervisor to the subject area board (hereinafter referred to as the "SAB") for approval.

Deadlines for ISP creation and approval:

Students: 1 October 2022 - 13 November 2022
Supervisors: 14 October 2022 - 30 November 2022
SABs and guarantors: 14 October 2022 - 15 December 2022

When creating an ISP, the deadlines and sequence of steps detailed in this manual must be followed. The deadlines for the submission and approval of the ISP were set by Dean's Provision No. 12/2022.



Created: 14. 10. 2022 / Modified: 17. 10. 2022 / ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.