Conference Value and Quality in Health Care: Czech and American Perspectives


10 October 2023

9 a.m.

Vlastenecký sál Karolina

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Charles University in cooperation with Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is organizing a Czech-American conference entitled Value and Quality in Health Care: Czech and American Perspectives.

The first part of the conference will deal with the issue of increasing the efficiency and quality of (not only) Czech healthcare system. The conference aims at a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to this issue. Firstly, innovations in medical education will be presented. Next, ways of measuring the quality of healthcare systems in the context of population health will be presented. Furthermore, the conference will focus on economic aspects that may lead to an increase in efficiency and quality of healthcare systems. Insights into the role that physicians themselves play in the process of improving the quality and efficiency of health systems will also be presented. Finally, the importance of international accreditation of medical students and hospital facilities will be discussed.

The second part of the conference will be devoted to new scientific findings in neurology. Specifically, the latest findings in the fields of neuromuscular diseases, neurointensive care, mobility disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive neurology will be presented.

The conference is intended especially for academics, physicians, economists, policy makers, senior managers in the healthcare sector and university students. At the end of each part of the conference there will be a space for discussion and exchange of ideas.

The conference will feature lectures by experts from Czech and American institutions. The aim of this conference is to establish close international cooperation between Czech and American educational and medical institutions, which should further lead to the improvement of health care and the development of health care systems.

Created: 25. 9. 2023 / Modified: 25. 9. 2023 / PhDr. Mgr. Kateřina Křenová