A Decree about the Establishment of a Special Award from the Rector of Charles University

  1. The Rector of Charles University establishes a special award from the Rector of Charles University for students who:
    1. achieve extraordinary results in the field of science or research during the course of their study,
    2. show exceptional human character in unusual situations,
    3. have been awarded extremely high honours for participation in cultural or artistic activities, or they had excellent sports results in international competitions.
  2. The special award from the Rector of Charles University will be at least 15 000 CZK.
  3. The Faculty submits a well-grounded recommendation for awarding this exceptional prize. This can be done on the basis of the recommendation of a social, sport or cultural organization or another facility. The recommendation has to be discussed with the Rector.
  4. The special award from the Rector of Charles University Rector is awarded only occasionally. The laureate is ceremonially given the prize at the immediate session of the scientific council of Charles University from the date that has been decided on award.
  5. The amount for the special award from Rector of Charles University Rector is covered by the funds of Charles University, mainly from gifts and economic activity.

This decree comes into effect on 27th January 1995.

Created: 27. 1. 1995 / Modified: 10. 1. 2019 / Renata Habětínová