Dean's Provision No. 11/2018

Dean's Provision No. 11/2018
Prize of the Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Article I
Introductory provision

This Dean's Provision sets the conditions of the award of the Prize of the Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.


Article II
Terms of Award of the Prize of the Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine

  1. Graduate students of any study programme provided by the Faculty may be awarded the Prize of the Dean under the following conditions:
    1. the graduate student has fulfilled all his/her study obligations according to the faculty study plan;
    2. all his/her final state exams were graded as ‘excellent’ and were fulfilled in regular date;
    3. his/her study average for the entire study is better or equal to 1.25.
  2. The prize is connected with a financial aid in an amount of CZK 5,000 and it is awarded during the graduation ceremony without any previous request.


Article III
Effective date and validity term of this provision

  1. Dean's Provision No. 11/2015 from September 24, 2015 is cancelled.
  2. This provision becomes valid and effective on the day it is signed by the Dean.


In Prague on August 27, 2018

prof. MUDr. Vladimír Komárek, CSc.

Validity: 27. 8. 2018
Effective from: 27. 8. 2018
Created: 27. 8. 2018 / Modified: 18. 10. 2018 / Responsible person: Mgr. Marie Hejlová