Dean's Measure No. 9/2021

Dean's Measure No. 9/2021

to safety in the premises of the Complex of Theoretical Departments of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, during the completion of the learning space

Art. I

Introductory Provisions

Completion of learning space in the premises of the Complex of Theoretical Departments of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (hereinafter referred to as "premises"), where construction work is already in progress, requires compliance with established principles (conditions) from all persons moving in these premises.

Art. II

Basic Rules of Compliance with Established Principles

1. All unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering the building. This applies to all employees, students as well as any other persons.

2. If, in exceptional cases, entry is necessary, it must be discussed in advance directly with the Construction Manager of the Contractor - PSG Construction a.s.

3. Prior to entering the construction site, such persons must be trained by the Contractor and demonstrably acquainted with the Occupational Safety and Health Plan ("Occupational Safety and Health Plan") and must comply with hygiene and safety regulations.

4. Persons moving on the construction site must always use the prescribed personal protective equipment (helmet, warning jacket, work shoes S3, as well as any other equipment as the Construction Manager of the Contractor or the Health and Safety Plan may require).

5. For pedestrians, access to the complex is provided by an entrance gate in the upper part of the complex (in the direction from the golf course). On weekdays, the gate is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Outside these hours and at weekends and public holidays, this gate shall be locked. On such days, entry is only allowed for workers who ensure the necessary operation of the workplace, incl. ongoing scientific and research activities. For these cases, individuals shall receive a key to the entrance gate, and they shall also be responsible for locking it after each pass.

6. Passage through the car maintenance area is prohibited. It is an independent private business entity, which is renting the premises from Charles University.

7. The side gate from Bucharova Street serves only for the entrance of construction vehicles. For private vehicles and pedestrians, entry/passage is prohibited and the opening mode is subject to the needs of the building Contractor.

8. The only entrance into buildings “B” and “C” for all the staff and students is the one through the gatehouse in building "B". All the other entrances into building "C" serve only as escape exits and this information is stated on them.

9. The gate to the construction site is always closed by the Contractor.

10. The area is closed for personal vehicles. Employees can park in a reserved parking lot, where each workplace is assigned a parking space.

11. Suppliers providing maintenance of the buildings, import of animals, feed, bedding, cylinders and corpses for the Department of Anatomy of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (hereinafter referred to as “2. LF UK") will be allowed to the construction site upon their agreement with the Contractor. The details of such suppliers must be given to the Building Administration in advance (telephone number: 257 296 115, e-mail address: @email), so that the Contractor could be informed and the suppliers would be allowed to enter the premises at agreed times. Entry through the construction site is possible only with the consent of the Construction Manager of the Contractor, under the supervision of an instructed representative of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and under the conditions determined by the Construction Manager according to current situation on the construction site.

12. Each entry must be reported separately.

13. Suppliers importing other commodities not listed in point 11 of this Measure will not be admitted to the construction site. A person who has ordered  a certain delivery shall arrange for the takeover of such a consignment in the following way:

- at a central point, i.e. at the entrance gate to the complex from Plzeňská street. In the case of a larger consignment, on weekdays between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m., it shall be transported by the Building Administration to the gatehouse in building B;  

- or at the entrance gate, located in the upper part of the premises (in the direction from the golf course).

14. The whole area of ​​the construction site is monitored by a camera system with recording.

15. Failure to comply with the set conditions and violation of the rules for access to the construction site will be fined by the construction company.

Art. III

Final Provisions

  1. This Measure becomes effective on the day of the Dean's signature and is valid until revoked.

In Prague on May 3, 2021

prof. MUDr. Vladimir Komarek, CSc.
Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

Validity and effectiveness
Validity: 3 May 2021
Gestor: Department of Investment Construction
Effective from: 3 May 2021


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