Doctoral Degree Programmes

Doctoral studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine,  Charles University are intended for graduates of all relevant fields, not only medicine. Applicants must meet the basic requirements, i.e. submit proof of completion of a master's degree and pass an entrance examination.

The doctoral study takes place under the guidance of a supervisor or advisor. The conditions of the admission procedure, the content of entrance examinations, etc. are different for individual study programmes and are annually adjusted according to the requirements of the specific subject area board (SAB) of the doctoral study programme. Within the conditions of the admission procedure, the applicant submits professional curriculum vitae, i.e. basic information about his/her practice, qualifications, scientific interest and activities, including an overview of publishing activities. It is recommended to contact a potential supervisor first, or the chairman of the SAB in the relevant study programme.

The admission procedure for the following academic year is announced at the beginning of January together with the deadline for submission of applications by the end of April at the latest. Entrance examinations take place only once a year, always in June. The information is published in the section of “Admissions”.

As part of their studies, students take courses that are prescribed by individual SABs. Students of study programmes in Czech and English do not pay any tuition fees. The conditions for the organization of doctoral studies at the Second Faculty of Medicine CU are set in the Dean’s Provision No. 1/2023.

Accredited doctoral study programmes

At the Second Faculty of Medicine, there are 16 accredited doctoral study programmes taught in Czech and English, in both full-time and part-time form:

  • doctoral study programmes in biomedicine implemented between the Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences (see below)

  • doctoral study programmes that are operated only at the Second Faculty of Medicine or in cooperation with individual faculties of Charles University (see below)

All doctoral study programmes are accredited in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The standard study period is four years. These study programmes are carried out without specializations.

List of accredited study programmes

The study requirements for full-time and part-time (combined) forms of study are identical. The chairmen of the individual SABs will provide any further clarification and elaboration on the requirements below if needed. Therefore, any further questions should be addressed to them exclusively.

* doctoral programmes associated to DSPB

Information on SABs requirements, courses, the state doctoral examination (SDE), dissertation, etc. can be found above by clicking on the links. We ask students to follow only the instructions given on the Second Faculty of Medicine website. The information provided on the DSPB website is not updated in accordance with the current accreditation of individual doctoral programmes and faculty requirements.

Doctoral study programmes in biomedicine (DSPB)

DSPB are based on cooperation between Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences in the field of doctoral studies in biomedicine, which is regulated by the Agreement on Cooperation within Doctoral Study Programs concluded between Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences. At the same time, these study programs enable the concentrated use of the professional capacity of both institutions and the effective use of material resources of individual supervisoring workplaces. DSPB is governed by applicable legislation for University education. The mutual cooperation of the contracting parties is coordinated by the relevant vice-Rector authorized by the Rector of Charles University and a member of the Academic Council authorized by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The activities of the DSPB are provided by the so-called Coordinating Board.

Information on the studies in a particular doctoral study programme/field in biomedicine may be obtained at the Department for PhD Study at the Second Faculty of Medicine. 

Coordination Board of DSPB

Doctoral studies in biology and medicine are co-ordinated by the Coordination Board of DSPB (Coornination Board); its members, appointed by the Rector of Charles University and President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, are chairmen of all SABs as well as some other persons suggested by the participating faculties, institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and possibly other authorities. Members of the Coordination Board elect a Presidium of 7-9 members, which in turn elects its chairman and vice-chairman. The chairman summons and directs sessions of the Coordination Board and acts as its representative in negotiations with the Rector Office of CU, authorities of the Czech Academy of Sciences, or possibly other authorities. The vice-chairman fully deputizes for the chairman during his/her absence. The term in office of the Coordinaton Board is five years.


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