Department of Urology

Departmental Focus:

Endourology, oncourology and reconstruction urology – bladder replacement, radical prostatectomy. Centre for surgical treatment of transsexualism, incontinence operations in women. BPH treatment, urolithiasis, including metabolic counselling for lithiasis, urodynamics, sonography including interventional USG and 3-D sonography, complete solution of congenital defects followed up by urological care at the paediatric surgery department, andrology, laparoscopy. Care of patients after spinal injuries. STD infections.
Research projects: orthotopic bladder replacement in woman, antigen Ki-67 in bladder tumours, MN protein in kidney tumours, immunochemotherapy of the renal cell carcinoma, free radicals after transurethral prostatectomy. Intermittent androgenic suppression during prostate carcinoma treatment, chemotherapy of hormonally independent prostate carcinoma.

Last update: 31. 10. 2023