Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Departmental Focus:
Application and development of new methods of rehabilitation both in children and adults, their practical application in both patients hospitalized in the Department of Rehabilitation of the Motol University Hospital and the outpatient department. Indication of an appropriate form of therapeutic physical activity within the complete therapy specialized in locomotor, nervous and respiratory systems. Intergration of the field into acute intensive medicine in anaesthesiology and resuscitation departments and ICU of surgery departments. Study of cerebral palsy problems from the point of view of both acute therapy and of the long-term effect of therapeutic rehabilitation. Specialization in searching for new forms of respiratory physiotherapy in cystic fibrosis and their immediate application in treatment. Basis of pulmonary rehabilitation. Medical rehabilitation for sportsmen.
Sports Medicine
presentation of Department of Sports Medicine

Evaluation of the reaction and adaptation of an organism to physical stress considering the age and condition of the patient. Determining adequate and optimum stress levels as a part of modifications to a life-style in the primary and secondary prevention of civilisation diseases and other chronic non-infectious diseases. Selection of suitable physical activities considering the age, sex and the degree of active health. Physical stress functional diagnostics. Targeted exercise stimulation as a part of a complete therapy. Diagnostics and therapy of pathological condition originating in inadequate physical stress. Sport as a part of a complete therapy and secondary prevention. Sport related nutrition. Treatment of diseases originating from inadequately low, or too great exertion. Applied exercise physiology.

Last update: 31. 10. 2023