Department of Paediatric Neurology

Departmental Focus:

Neurology and neuroscience courses for students of general medicine and physiotherapy. Complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for children with neurological diseases. Specialized programmes in epileptology, neurogenetics and neurodegenerative disorders. Complete neurophysiologic diagnostic in children from their birth till the age of 18 (EEG, EMG, EP of all modalities). A Unit of Intensive Monitoring of Epilepsy (Video-EEG and invasive monitoring). Care about children with epilepsy and research into epilepsy represent major interests of the clinic including the surgical treatment of children. We focus on assessing the value of individual presurgical diagnostic tests and their correlation with neuropathological findings in operated patients. DNA neurogenetic testing and research in inherited peripheral neuropathies. Programmes for Ph.D. students.

Last update: 31. 10. 2023