Department of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine

Department characteristics

The clinic provides comprehensive treatment and preventive care in the field of infectiology and travel medicine. The professional focus of the department is based on the modern concept of the field and is inspired by the position of infectious medicine abroad with an emphasis on outpatient care and consulting services. The clinic provides acute and specialized outpatient care in the entire range of infectious medicine (except for HIV infections) and also has a bed capacity for hospitalization of patients with interpersonally transmissible or difficult-to-treat infections.

The main professional focus of the department includes diagnosis and therapy of febrile and inflammatory conditions of unclear aetiology, infections associated with the provision of healthcare, infections caused by resistant agents, difficult-to-treat infections, infections in vulnerable groups of patients (seniors, polymorbid patients, injection drug users) and opportunistic infections in immunodeficient patients. The clinic also deals with the issue of vaccination and rational antibiotic prescription in both outpatient and inpatient care. The services provided are based on the interdisciplinary cooperation with selected clinical workplaces at the Motol University Hospital and the Department of Medical Microbiology, Second Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and Motol University Hospital.

The department provides comprehensive pre-departure counselling for travellers as well as diagnostics and therapy of health problems in patients after returning from the tropics. The clinic also provides healthcare for students and employees of the Second Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University or Motol University Hospital going on internships to tropical or high-risk areas.

The clinic participates in undergraduate teaching of infectious medicine for students of the Master's program "General Medicine" and selected bachelor's degree programs. The department also provides teaching of elective courses and practical internships for students in tropical areas. Employees of the clinic are actively engaged in specialized and lifelong education of doctors in infectious medicine and travel medicine.

The scientific and research activities of the clinic are based on cooperation with related laboratory and clinical disciplines at the Motol University Hospital. Major research topics include antibiotic therapy and prescribing, travel medicine, infections in patient risk groups, and the epidemiology of infectious diseases.


Last update: 20. 11. 2023