Examination Rules for Medical Microbiology

  1. Announcement of Exam Dates
    Exam dates will be announced on SIS during the week 9 of the winter semester at the latest. All exam dates for the winter examination period will be announced, including:
    • Pre-term dates (can be completed after fulfillment of study requirements necessary for examination, enrollment will be possible only for students who obtain a sufficient number of points from 2 tests of winter semester. Cut – off to be determined by Head of Department.) Dates for regular examination period of the winter semester
    • Dates in the first two weeks of the summer semester, however only for re-examination (i.e., second and third attempts)
    Other additional dates will be announced within the week 9 of the summer semester at the latest, for the following periods:
    • Regular examination period of the summer semester
    • In September, before the start of the new academic year, however only for re-examination. The last date can be listed no later than one week before the beginning of the next academic year.
    Once the additional examination dates are listed, the amount of all examination dates for the exam of Medical Microbiology will be final. It will not be possible to request examination outside of these specific dates, even in cases where a student did not use all exam attempts. In conclusion, it should be noted that it is possible to complete the regular examination only until the end of the examination period of the summer semester (usually until 30. 6.), and re-examination one week before the start of the next academic year (usually until 17. 9.).
  2. Rules for registering for the exam and cancellation
    The start of registration for examination dates will be listed on SIS and will vary between individual groupings of examination dates.
    • Pre-term and regular examination dates of the winter semester: from the week 10 of the winter semester
    • Dates of the summer semester and summer examination period: immediately after their announcement
    A student will be allowed to take the exam only when he/she is registered for an exam date on SIS and all requisites necessary for the examination are met. Registration for an exam is not conditioned by obtaining the credit. Nevertheless, taking the exam is limited by obtaining the credit from Medical Microbiology II.

    Registration for an examination date will be possible until 1 day prior to the particular date.
    Cancellation will be allowed to be done max. 48 hours prior to the date of the exam.

    Registration for the 2nd re-examination (i.e. third attempt) cannot be done via SIS, but a student is requested to contact the secretariat of the Department of Medical Microbiology directly to get registered.
  3. Failure to turn out and apology
    The student who fails to turn up for the exam that he/she registered for and he/she did not apologize beforehand, he/she is not classified, but the attempt is lost (Study and Exam rules, point 8.14). A student must apologise to the Head of the department (or to his deputy) in writing or by email, giving a reason for their no show.
  4. Re-examination
    A student can take an examination for three times as a maximum, i.e. the student is entitled to undergo two re-examinations. However, if the student does not exploit the options within the set of examination dates, this does not entitle him/her to a special date of examination to be appointed for him/her. No ‘Dean terms’ are allowed.
Last update: 18. 10. 2021 / Responsible person: Marie Havlová