Allowed Absences

Allowed Absences of Students at the Department

Master's degree

2nd year

  1. Participation in seminars and practical training is compulsory. Exceptionally, upon agreement of the teacher, a seminar or practical training of the same subject can be attended with another group, if capacity allows.
  2. 20% absences per semester can be excused, upon providing GP statement.
  3. Students with more than two absences per semester will be reported to the head of the department and will be examined. The scope of the examination will be the whole semester curriculum.
  4. In case of absence in three or more teaching units in the semester, the head of the department will suggest the student to interrupt and repeat the subject; this proposal will be discussed with the study department of the Dean's office and with Vice-Dean for study.
  5. The absences have to appropriately excused within one week from the start of the absence, otherwise the absence will be considered unexcused.

4th year
Clinical Biochemistry   0%

Replacement with another group; the last group: individual consultations with the head of the department. Exceptionally, upon agreement with the head of the department, a medical acknowledgment can be accepted for maximum of one day of the course.

prof. MUDr. Richard Průša, CSc.
Head of the Department

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