Department of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is a discipline that investigates the occurrence of diseases in the population. Epidemiologists analyze, who, where and when have specific diseases, and based on this information suggest, how to prevent them. The mission of the Department of Epidemiology is to teach this disciplines to students of medical school and raise a new generation of experts.


The teaching of epidemiology at the Second Faculty of Medicine was initiated in the 1960´s by prof. Vilém Škovránek, who also organized a successul campaign for the nationwide vaccination against poliomyelitis. Subsequently, the teaching was led by dr. Petr Kavan until his early death in 1991. It was oriented traditionally towards epidemiology of infectious diseases, and therefore epidemiology was taught together with infectology. Epidemiology has been led as an independent course since 1999 and in 2001, the Department of Epidemiology was established, led by associate professor Dana Göpfertová. Alongside new trends in medicine, the teaching gained its focus on clinical epidemiology and principles of evidence-based medicine. Since 2021, associate professor Pavla Čermáková has been leading the department.


The department is home to a research group BREATH (BRain hEAlTH over the life-course), which takes a life-course approach towards investigating brain health. 

Last update: 31. 10. 2023