Department of ENT

Departmental Focus:

The department is primarily focused on ENT diseases in children from birth up to their 18 years of age.

Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy both in children and adults, oncological diseases of ENT region. Diagnostics and treatment of the acute and chronic inflammations of the middle ear cavity. Surgical treatment of hearing impairment, cochlear implants in children, otomicrosurgery, application of BAHA hearing aids. Research on the origin of genetically linked deafness (detection of gene defects known as Connexins) is performed in co-operation with the  laboratory of the Department of Neuroscience of Charles University, Second Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Biology and Medical Genetics of Charles University, Second Faculty of Medicine. Respiratory airways traumatology and stenosis treatment, congenital defects of ENT. Surgical treatment of trauma of the head and neck, treatment of vestibulocochlear defects, testing the acuity of hearing – detection of the degree of hearing loss in infants and substitute treatment with hearing aids, rehabilitation of hearing. Diagnostics and rehabilitation of impared swallowing. Diagnostics and treatment of the acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiartory ways.

Newborn hearing defects screening. The department is the first in Central Europe to use a SSEP recorder for the objective measuring of the hearing threshold in infants. The centre is developing a programme of aid for aphagopractic children on the basis of detailed analysis of the action of swallowing.

Created: 12. 9. 2021 / Modified: 31. 3. 2023